Sunday, 27 January 2013

Authentic Spigen GLAS.tR Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Pre-Order)

Authentic Spigen SGP GLAS.tR Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Price: 48USD / 150MYR

Steinheil GLAS.tR is made to protect the LCD from damage and scratches with specially processed glass that has been reinforced to increase shock absorbency. The entire surface of the GLAS.tR is also transparent. When installed, there are no gaps between the LCD and the GLAS.tR which means the touch screen's sensitivity is unaffected.

Authentic Lunatik Taktik for iPhone 5 (Pre-Order)

Authentic Lunatik Taktik Case for iPhone 5

Price: 174USD / 540MYR Lunatik Taktik EXTREME- With Corning Gorilla Glass

126USD / 400MYR Lunatik Taktik STRIKE-without Gorilla Glass

Colors: Jet Black/White (EXTREME)
Jet Black/ White/ Grey/ Green/ Pink (STRIKE)


MOYOU MY10 10000mAh Power Bank (Pre-Order)

MOYOU MY10 10000mAh Power Bank

Price: 42USD / 130MYR

Colors: Gold / Pink / Purple / Grey / Green

- 5 vibrant colors to choose from
- Compact design for greater convenience

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hello Geeks iPhone Case (Pre-Order)

Hello Geeks Soft rubber iPhone case. Get this "Hello Geeks" Case from us !!

Price: 38USD/ 120MYR

Model: Monkey/Lion/Girl/Owl/Kitten/Rabbit/Fox

Selection: iPhone 4/4s / iPhone 5 


iNox Inspired 360° METAL GEAR CASE (Pre-Order)

Protect your iPhone 4/4S with the new stainless steel iNox Inspired 360° METAL GEAR CASE.

Price: 38USD/ 120MYR

Colour Available: White/Black/Gold/Silver/Red/Rainbow

For iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5 version coming soon.

The iNox Inspired 360° METAL GEAR CASE's "360 degree" rotating visor lid protects the front display and allows views of the time and incoming calls with the precision cut opening. Flip the visor lid to access all your phone's buttons and apps.

With steel covering the iPhone 4/4S aluminosilicate display, you can toss your phone in your travel bag without worrying about breaking the glass. Keys and coins won't scratch the display when you put it in your pocket.


Monday, 21 January 2013

Mogic Wireless Speaker (Pre-order)

Mogic Wireless Speaker is the coolest wireless speaker in town, come with high quality, low distortion stereo speaker. The build in battery and last for up to 8hours.

Price: 96USD/ 298MYR

Colour available: White

Compatible: iOS 4 and later, Android 4.0 and later.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Celluon Magic Cube (Pre-order)

Price: 185USD / 570MYR

Color: Silver in black.

Compatibility: iOS 4 and later, Mac OS 10 and later, Android 2.2 and later, Windows XP/Vista/7 and later, and any device with Bluetooth HID support.

The Magic Cube is a compact and versatile product; it is a projection keyboard and multi-touch mouse, all in one easy-to-use product. It connects easily to any Bluetooth HID devices, including the latest iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can also plug-n-play with Windows and Mac OS devices via USB connection. The Celluon Magic Cube can function as a Full Size Keyboard and Multi Touch Mouse. It works on most flat, opaque surface.